WordPress Websites

Many businesses are well served by a website that has a simple yet professional design. That looks good on mobile phones. That makes key information easy to find. That is uncomplicated to update. And that doesn’t cost a fortune.

For these businesses, 5G Marketing likes WordPress websites based an existing “theme” or design template. In fact, our own website uses this approach. Here’s what you get when you build your WordPress website with us.

Time Saved. Lots of Time

You don’t need programming skills to create a WordPress website. You do need a desire to play with the platform and 30 hours of free time. Does that sound good to you? If not, call us.

Copywriting Expertise

Most business owners do a pretty good job describing what they do. We take good copy and make it great. Plus we bring our fresh eyes and 25 years of marketing experience to the task.

Search Engine Visibility

Every web page needs a keyword target, a good title tag, and a good descriptive tag to perform well in the search engines. On page SEO is part of every WordPress site we build.

Mobile Responsiveness

Half of visits to most websites happen on mobile phone these days. We make sure your website looks good and is easy to use on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

More Money in Your Wallet

Our WordPress sites based on existing themes and artwork typically cost between $1,750 and $2,250. Call us and we can tell you if that is your price too!