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4 Indispensable Steps to Digital Marketing Success

Effective digital marketing is essential to your business. It’s also hard to do right. For web marketing to be successful, you have to … 1. Drive relevant visitors to your website 2. Engage them with design & content 3. Convert them to sales or leads, and 4. Measure results to

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Digital Marketing Step 1: Drive Website Traffic

The first step to building your business on the internet is to drive visitors to your site. There are three main digital marketing methods for getting relevant website traffic: 1. Search engine optimization (frequently concentrated on local search) 2. Pay-per-click internet advertising such as Google AdWords 3. Social media platforms

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Digital Marketing Step 2: Keep Visitors on Your Website

When we discuss marketing with clients, I like to say this about websites: “Good design keeps web visitors from leaving in 10 seconds.” “Good content keeps web visitors interacting for 10 minutes.” Good design keeps website visitors from leaving Good web design has a lot to do in 10 seconds.

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Digital Marketing Step 3: Turn Visitors into Customers

Getting lots of visitors to interact with your business website is great – unless none of them become a source of revenue. Then it’s not so great. That’s why the 3rd indispensable step to digital marketing success is to turn website visitors into clients or customers. Here are three techniques

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Digital Marketing Step 4: Measure Results

The last indispensable step to digital marketing success is to measure your results, so you can keep doing what makes you money and stop doing what doesn’t. 1. Use Website Analytics, Conversion Tracking, and Call Tracking The best way to measure the results of your web marketing is to track

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