How to Get BIG Marketing Results Fast

December 14, 2017
Peter McEllhenney

Big marketing results fast. That’s what every business wants. And it is possible to get big results fast. All you need is for these factors to be true for your business:

1.    You are selling to a well defined market which is easy to reach.

2.    Your business has few or no competitors.

3.    Your customer decision making process is quick and simple.

4.    Your customers have the money to buy what you sell.

5.    The purchase is low risk – ie, there is no great harm if the customer chooses wrong.

6.    You can make special offers like “50% off today only!” to motivate buyers.

7.    You have a marketing budget.

8.    You are selling something people want.

You don’t necessarily need to have all of these factors to get big results fast from marketing. Strength in some factors can overcome weakness in others. For example, a large marketing budget and a dynamite special offer can get you big results fast when you have lots of competitors.

But. You don’t have to think about these factors very long before you realize that a serious problem with any one factor can be a real impediment to success.

You’ll also notice that these factors fit consumer retail selling or simpler business-to-business sales the best. It’s very hard to deliver results fast if you have a long sales cycle or if you sales require complex negotiations and proposals.

Most of all, you are likely thinking that many of these factors have nothing to do with marketing. You’re right. They don’t. They have to do with the fundamentals of your product or service, the characteristics of your customers, and the business environment in which your company operates. And if you are counting on brilliant marketing to overcome challenges in these areas – you are likely going to be disappointed.

This is the point where someone usually pipes up and says “I know a guy who can sell ice to Eskimos.”  Sometimes the person says, “I can sell ice to Eskimos. Hire me instead.” To which I say, Prove it and I’ll believe it.

Now it is possible to sell ice to Eskimos. All you need to do is call it locally source heirloom ice, put it in a fancy wooden box, charge $100 a pound, and advertise the hell of it to Eskimos with a lot of disposable income.

Brilliant marketing alone only gets you results when the value of your product or service is subjective. That is, your product is valuable because it is perceived to be valuable or because your product serves as a proxy for some deeply seated desire.

So buying $100 ice is about buying exclusivity and status as much or more as it is about buying quality. That’s why fashion is expensive and changes all the time. Most people who buy swamp land in Florida are not buying a swamp. They were buying the promise of easy wealth. Middle-aged guys who buy hair creams on the internet aren’t trying to buy their hair back. They are trying to buy their youth back. And so on.

If your business doesn’t fit into one of these categories, marketing alone is not going to solve all your problems. And if your business does fit one of these categories, you are still going to need to spend a decent amount of money over a decent amount of time to get results.

Yes some business do just take off. I made this thing and it sold like fire! We always hear about the ones that do. What we don’t hear about are the 9,999 other businesses that don’t just take off and need a plan, commitment, resources, and a high tolerance for risk to succeed.

Chances are pretty good your business is one of the 9,999 and does not have enough of the 8 factors to get big results fast.

If that’s case, don’t count on getting big results fast and don’t count on getting them cheap. You can get results. You can get big results. But it will take time and it will take money.

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